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I feel that it is not only important to know where your candles come from but also who is the face behind the concept. 

My name is Laurie.  I am a mother of two beautiful girls who bring more joy and light into my life than I could have ever imagined.  They are the inspiration for almost everything I do.  Many of my creative ideas stem from a good play session with my children.  They remind me to stay focused and grounded.

Besides running my own small candle business, I also run my own online blog.  It is mostly product reviews because I love FREE stuff and to help companies via word of mouth advertising.  I know how IMPORTANT word of mouth advertising is, even more so in my business.  I am a VERY small operation.  A one woman force to be reckoned with, so to speak.  I rely on my customers to come back and to tell their friends to try my candles. 


Which brings me to another key point in my business.  #ShopSmall.  You will see this on my labels and if you know me personally, you have definitely heard me talk about it.  Small business make up the backbone of our local economy.  It starts with one.  And snowballs from there.  I try to shop at my local small businesses as much as possible.  My local hardware and grocery store sell the Ball Canning Jars that I use to make my candles with.  Yes, it does cost a couple dollars more per case of jars, but I find great satisfaction in spending those extra dollars within my community and not some faceless corporation overseas.  The company I buy most of my candle supplies is not really local to me but they are located in the US and all of their products are the HIGHEST USA MADE quality.  They are also a (bigger) small business and the customer service is impeccable.  I TRUST them and know that when I am buying wax, wicks, oils...etc....that I will not be disappointed.  Like me, they go above and beyond what is expected and it really shows.

Reduce - REUSE - Recycle:

I may only be one household in America but I try to do as much as I can to reduce my family's carbon print on this Earth.

We REDUCE:  We wash in cold water,  compost veggies and fruit when allowed, grow our own veggies in the summer organically, and try to get all errands done at once to reduce gas emissions (plus the price of gas is outrageous!).

We REUSE: Ziploc baggies, old coffee conatiners, turn old clothes into rags, cool glass jars become candles, old toys get donated, grass clippings become compost, old furniture gets a new face....and more. 

We RECYCLE:  Anything that can be recycled in this house IS.  Or upcycled.  I am not the only creative crafty member of my household. 

Here at Merrelin Candle Co. this concept is alive and practiced daily.  I offer REFILLS on my jars at a discount.  Soy Wax is easy to work with and easy to clean up with soap and water.  It is much more Earth and economically friendly to just have your old jar refilled or if you have a jar at home you want filled as a candle, I can do that too.  Plus, a cool thing is, since they are Ball canning Jars in the four (4) and eight (8) ounce sizes, when you are done you can just pull the wick out - wash up - and use it to can some veggies if you want. 

That is how I came up with my inital jar concept.  I canned Strawberry Jam last year and loved that the jelly jars are USA made, quality glass, and could benefit my customers in more than just a candle (if they prefer).

Well, that is me and my business in a nutshell.  I really want you, the customer, to know what I stand for and who I am.  I do not just want to sell you a candle one time.  I want you to keep coming back and build a relationship that lasts.  I aim for the best customer satisfaction that I can give.  Obviously, without my customers, I would have no business (just a house filled with lonely candles).  Every candle that I make is filled with love and passion.  I would never sell a product that I deem less than desirable or a product I wouldn't use myself (unless it is a scent I don't like but others do).

Thanks for reading!

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